Why Infracon?

As a specialist technical recruitment agency within the building, infrastructure and property sectors nationally, we have over 30 years’ of proactive recruiting and networking experience, partnering with organisations and job-seekers to provide an exceptional service every time. We are committed to our ethos of doing what we say we’re going to do; acting with integrity and conducting ourselves with humility, this is how we have always operated and have no plans to change this. By choosing Infracon Australia you can expect an honest, professional, personal and efficient service, whether you are looking to recruit, or you are a job seeker looking for your next career move.

With a strong national network, covering all states including ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAZ, QLD, VIC and WA, we assist our clients and job-seekers with Metropolitan, Fly-in, Fly Out (FIFO), Drive-in, Drive-Out (DIDO) and remote-based projects.

We partner with organisations, always take a long-term view and do the right thing. Our recruiters’ professional approach, technical knowledge and tenacity to assist the industry we’re proud to supply, should stand out to be a point of difference from other experiences you may have received previously.

Infracon Australia focuses on two primary recruitment methodologies; Contingent Recruitment and Retained Executive Search.

Contingent Recruitment

Our Permanent recruitment services are designed to assist you to find successful, long term employees for your team.  Our thorough process ensures you are kept informed, provided with the best candidates for your organisation and can be confident they have been suitably assessed and vetted.

This methodology puts the risk onto the recruitment agency as it’s a simple case of no success, no fee. Placements come with a 3 months replacement guarantee and include thorough reference checking and candidate screening to ensure best technical and cultural fit.

Contingent Recruitment Image

Retained Search

Retained Search Recruitment is where a recruiter will operate on an exclusive basis for a client, meaning the job will only be filled through this recruitment agency. In return for this commitment, the recruiter is able to spend a lot more time and effort on the position which typically produces much better results for the client.

In retained assignments, recruiters work very closely with their client and will take their time and use all available methods to find the best person for the job. The process is more rigorous with a shortlist of around 3 – 5 candidates with the perfect skills, experience and ability being presented. With retained assignments, the client pays as the service progresses, with part of the fee being paid in advance to retain the service and part on completion.


Retained Search Image

Which method is right for you?

We understand that the decision to hire is a critical one which comes with risk and requires careful planning, thought and consideration. We partner with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their requirements, including technical and cultural aspects before we even begin an assignment to ensure we are clear on the brief and outcomes required. This means we can mitigate as much risk as possible from the hiring decision, resulting in a satisfactory outcome for all parties and a positive yield on your investment.

To find out more about which method will suit your requirements best, please Contact us and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to help.


Senior Placement Capabilities and Successes:

With a combined 30 years in the industry, our directors have a long list of successful recruitment campaigns, with notable success’ as follows:


  • Bid Manager – Local Fitout Contractor
  • Bridges & Structures Manager – Blue-chip Global Design Consultancy
  • Business Development Manager – National Mining Contractor
  • Business Development Manager - Local Tier 2 Contractor
  • Business Unit Leader - – National Client-side Project Managers
  • Chief Finance Officer – International Structures Sub-Contractor
  • Commercial Manager - National Tier 1 Building Contractor
  • Commercial Manager – Tier 1 Civil Contractor
  • Construction Manager - National Tier 1 Building Contractor
  • Construction Manager – National Tier 2 Building Contractor
  • Contracts Manager – Global Multi-Disciplined Consultancy
  • Contracts Manager – Tier 2 Civil Contractor
  • Design Team Leader – International Infrastructure Consultancy
  • Director – Tier 3 Building Contractor
  • Estimating Manager – National Tier 1 Civil Contractor
  • Feasibility Manager – Global Retail Chain
  • General Manager – National Building Sub-Contractor
  • General Manager – National Construction Materials Supplier
  • General Manager – National Fitout Contractor
  • General Manager – Tier 3 Building Contractor
  • Major Projects Executive, Transport - Global Multi-disciplined Consultancy
  • New Business Manager – Local Tier 2 Building Contractor
  • Operations Manager – International Civil Sub-Contractor
  • Operations Manager – Local Tier 2 Civil Contractor
  • Operations Manager – Tier 2 Civil Contractor
  • Project Director – National Client-side Project Managers
  • Project Director – Local Client-side Project Managers
  • Sector Leader, Resources – National Client-side Project Managers
  • Senior Estimator – National Tier 1 Civil Contractor
  • Senior Project Manager – National Tier 1 Civil Contractor
  • Senior Project Manager – National Tier 2 Sub-Contractor
  • State Commercial Manager - National Tier 1 Building Contractor
  • State Commercial Manager – National Tier 2 Building Contractor
  • State Contracts Manager – National Tier 2 Building Contractor
  • State Manager – Local Building Sub-Contractor
  • State Manager - National Tier 2 Building Contractor
  • State Manager Defence – Global Property Consultancy
  • State Manager of Projects – National Client-side Project Managers
  • State NPI Manager - National Tier 1 Building Contractor
  • Technical Director, Roads – Global Multi-disciplined Consultancy